If you suspect damage from a termite or other wood-destroying insect in your house, call Veteran Inspections & Services ASAP. Structurally sound framework is crucial to the stability of your home. If you allow these small pests to feast on your home's foundation, you could be in for a big problem.

Don't wait until your home is crumbing at the seams. Get expert help from the team at Veteran Inspections & Services. We're a trusted wood-destroying insect inspection company that provides service in Jenison, MI. We also help homeowners in Ottawa County and Georgetown Township.

We will identify if these pests are present, if any damage is new or previous, and if you need to consult a professional exterminator to alleviate the problem.

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Protect your home from pests

The inspectors at Veteran Inspections & Services will use specialized equipment to inspect your property for wood-destroying insects. Here are some of the insects that commonly infest homes:


Woodboring Beetles

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Ants

If your house has a pest problem, you can count on us to provide you with a detailed report and come up with a suitable pest control solution.

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