Do you know what you're drinking from the taps in your home? The Environmental Protection Agency recommends annual water testing for private wells. Veteran Inspections & Services offers water testing in the Jenison, Michigan area.

It's especially important to test your water regularly if you have small children or elderly family members. Contact Veteran Inspections & Services today to schedule water testing in Jenison, MI.

It is highly recommended that individuals with a compromised immune system have water tested annually. Our lab is fully accredited and qualified to test your water. Give yourself the piece of mind that your family's water supply is free of harmful contaminates.

Reasons to Request a Water Test:

  • There are known contaminants in your local area for ground or drinking water
  • Conditions near your well have changed significantly (i.e. flooding, land disturbances, and new construction or industrial activity)
  • Replacements or repairs to your well system
  • You notice a change in your water quality (i.e. odor, color, taste).