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If you want to sell your home fast and for more money, staging is a great way to make that happen! The goal of staging your home is to portray your home in the best possible light by making it look brand new and accentuating its best features.

In a hot market, buyers need to move fast if they want to have a chance to have their accepted offer. Therefore, emotions are high and first impressions are critical. If your home doesn’t appeal to a potential buyer in the first few minutes during the walkthrough or by browsing your listing photos online, you risk losing a potentially great offer!


We love statistics! Every year, The National Association of Realtors (NAR) gathers a wealth of information on the housing industry. It publishes a dizzying amount of statistics on almost anything you can think of. Regarding home staging, check out the latest stats on what consumers think.

  1. 46% of buyers say staging the living room is important.
  2. 43% of buyers say staging the master bedroom is important.
  3. 40% of buyers arrange to look at a home they have seen staged online
  4. Homeowners see a 5-15% return on investment when they stage their homes.
  5. 28% of sellers staged their home before listing it.
  6. Out of 3,500 homes, 46% sold for 10% more than non-staged homes.