Infrared Inspection

What is Thermography?

An Infrared Thermography Inspection is an excellent tool for a qualified home inspector to detect electrical problems, air/energy leakage, water infiltration, and a number of other problems invisible to the naked eye. If these areas are not identified quickly they can lead to expensive repairs down the road! 

How does it work?

Infrared light emits radiation which is picked up by the infrared camera by measuring heat through light. It can scan through electrical panels, walls, floors, ceilings, exterior siding, roof structures, and detect overloaded electrical circuits to name a few, if conditions are right. It is important to note infrared cameras cannot "see" through walls, but picks up the the source of an object emitting heat.

What Can This Technology Do For My Home?

This is the most important question a homeowner may ask. Thermography inspections have already saved homeowners millions of dollars since their advent in the 1970’s. Typically, problems are only detected after serious damage has occurred. Veteran Inspections & Services utilize this technology to investigate suspected plumbing leaks and much more with every standard inspection! 

Utilizing this powerful technology is a proactive solution Veteran Inspections & Services uses to protect our clients. With infrared thermography scans, there is no guesswork!

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