Manufactured Home Inspections Overview

Manufactured Home Inspections Overview A manufactured home is a mobile home that's been built during or after the year 1976, when the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, released nationwide standards for mobile homes.

Veteran Inspections & Services in Jenison, MI area is equipped to perform manufactured home inspections. These specialized inspections are designed to provide lenders with the information to determine if a home will be up to HUD standards. This type of inspection is required to qualify for certain loans and benefits from departments like the FHA and the VA.

Order a manufactured home inspection today, we work with all lenders for FHA, VA or HUD engineering foundation certification.

Quality Manufactured Home Inspections

Veteran Inspections & Services can make sure a manufactured home has the proper credentials that various government departments and lenders require to qualify for these programs. We'll inspect and gather information regarding:

● HUD engineering foundation certification, 1996 HUD standards
● FHA engineering foundation certification, to qualify for an FHA loan
● VA engineering foundation certification, to qualify for a VA loan

To learn more about our manufactured home foundation inspections in the Jenison, MI area, reach out to us today. Our field inspector will gather all the information your lender will need and provide to our in-house engineer for a HUD/FHA or VA loan permenant foundation. 

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