While a home inspection provides a lot of valuable information about what might be wrong in a home, it can go above and beyond general repair details. Veteran Inspections & Services offers HomeBinder as a part of your home inspection.

You are the only one who will have access to your HomeBinder information unless you choose to share it with someone. Contact Veteran Inspections & Services today to learn more about HomeBinder in Jenison, Michigan.

Maintain Your Home More Efficiently

As your digital three ring binder, HomeBinder will make it easy to keep track of changes in your home such as:

  • Home Improvements- Keep a record of photos, materials, and project costs.
  • Appliance Records- Keep model information, serial numbers, warranty and user manuals online in case you need them.
  • Home Inventory- Keeps an online log of inventory- be prepared in case of emergency!
  • Maintenance Reminders - Schedule e-mail reminders for regular home maintenance needs.
  • Recall Notifications- HomeBinder will notify you of any company recalls for products in your home.
  • Receipts- Keep a record in information about home purchases for easier accounting and returns.

Annual Property Reviews

Your home is a major investment. Keep a close eye on your property by scheduling an Annual Property Review from your expert at Veteran Inspections & Services. With HomeBinder, you can set up reminders to make sure that you don’t miss scheduling your annual review.

Store valuable information about your home

HomeBinder allows you to fill in details about your home. You can store the paint colors for various rooms for quick reference. Your inspection comes with a lifetime membership to HomeBinder, so you can access the information whenever you want. Call 616-379-9388 today for home inspection reports via HomeBinder in Jenison, MI.