What Can Air Quality Screening Tell You?

Test your indoor air quality in Jenison & Grand Rapids, MI

Air quality tests are designed to find airborne impurities, such as mold or harmful chemicals. They indicate what pollutants are in the air and at what levels. Air quality testing is an important-but not standard-part of a home inspection. Veteran Inspections & Services performs air quality testing for clients in Jenison, MI and the surrounding area.

Homebuyers think about outdoor air quality in terms of highway or factory pollution, but rarely consider indoor air quality. This is a serious oversight, as the United States Environmental Protection Agency says indoor air has up to 100 times more chemicals than outdoor air.

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When should you perform air quality testing?

When should you perform air quality testing?

Consider testing your home air quality when:

  • Buying or selling a home: Indoor air quality testing can spot problems like the presence of mold and dangerous chemicals.
  • Someone feels sick: If someone in your home is suffering from headaches, respiratory problems or chronic fatigue, poor air quality may be the cause.
  • You see or suspect mold: If you've found mold or think it could be growing in your home, an air quality test can confirm this.

It's also a good idea to test your home's air quality regularly, even if you don't see any signs of a problem. Doing so can stop health and safety problems from ever occurring.

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